Monday, March 10, 2014

Celebrando seis meses de felizidad verdadero :)

The quote "Time flies but remember you're the navigator" is repeating through my mind hard core this week. I left for the Mexico City MTC 6 months ago from today!! WOW. I'm amazed at where I've come since then and grateful that I get to continue growing and becoming what the Lord needs me to be. This last week was incredible, as always and so filled with miracles! We focused on "how to begin teaching" and teaching short lessons on the spot. We received 4 new investigators and this week we will be receiving 3 member referrals which is 3 more than this area has gotten in the last 6 months!!! One of the investigators is Mayra. We were knocking in a complex and had just finished all the doors in a hallway without any answers and were headed to the next when a lady poked her head out of her door and yelled to us. We went over to talk to her and asked if we could say a prayer so she let us in. Before we started she said, "I've gotta tell you. Last night I was on the phone with my daughter telling her I really needed to find a congregation. I saw when you knocked but I was on the phone with her again. After a minute I felt like I should open the door and talk to you!" We told her we had been sent from God and that He really wanted her to hear this message. She was so faithful and so open to learn! She accepted the Book of Mormon and said to us, "ok, I'll write things down if I have any questions" without us even saying anything. I really don't even know how to explain how solid she was, but we're way excited about it! We've also come to an epiphany this week... Through our finding efforts we have been able to find 4 less-actives from other countries now living in our area. We also have been seeing some less-actives in the ward beginning to progress. I truly think that's a big reason why we're here! To strengthen the ones who have gone astray a lil bit!! One of them, maribel, came to church this week and when we asked her the second hour how she felt she said, "I've been thirsting for so long! I finally feel at peace and I'm so grateful to be here!" She was gleaming the whole three hours and the women in the ward welcomed her really nicely so we're hoping she'll become "a regular" or active, if you will. Another thing I've come to learn this week, the hard way... I've been called to repentance for not being so good at writing in my journal. horrible actually. On Sunday last week we were preparing a last-minute primary lesson in the library when to men from the english ward came in and started talking about missions and all. They stopped and told us to MAKE SURE we write in our journals! I wanted to melt I was so guilty. Then the next day we were watching a mormon message and it talked about President Eyring writing in his journal. THEN we were reading through "adjusting to missionary life" in TWO different parts on wednesday and both of which said to write in your journal. And you wouldn't believe it, but the next day we get a text from the zone leaders asking us to look through our journals to share what we've learned on the mission..... You. are kidding me. I KNOW the Lord sent all those messages to me. I've been trying to in the past, but find "better" things to be doing and just don't put the time in. I've now successfully written every day and it's becoming something I enjoy. Sorry I'm going on about writing in my journal, maybe yall don't even care haha but I really did gain a testimony of the importance of it this week. So Imma encourage all yall to go write in your journals this week!! My companions are the greatest and we're just havin a grand ol time together! Not sure where I heard all the horror stories about trios, but they aint ringing true for these tres hermanita amigas. Sister Marsh doesn't even NEED training cause she's teaching sister Gruber and I a lot. It's so fun to have a fresh mind with us. Sometimes we get stuck in ruts of doing things redundantly. But she's bringin on the fire out here in Semoran! 
   Alrighty fam and friends, I love yall and love hearing from you every week through letter and email!! Hasta la proxima semana!
Con Carino, Hermana Megan Jackson

temple service at it's finest 
las tres de nosotras 
selfie.. I did my hair that day.. 

clippin the nails. Good ol set up, eh? 
we went to steak n shake to celebrate our "birthdays" and before some solid weekly planning 

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