Monday, November 11, 2013

My debuts this week … As well as the return of Ronny the Roach!

HEY FAM!! Glad to hear yall are doin well! I'm sorry to hear about lil Easty being so sick! Matt- I can't believe you're going to Brazil for THE WORLD CUP!!! geeze, that's unreal. Take lotsa pitchas for me ;) and be safe (in a few months...) Soph looks like a nice lil chunk!! And happy as can "Bee" as usual. Sounds like the rest of you are chuggin along just fine and enjoying life. I don't have time to read mama and papa's emails, so imma print them off in a sec and read them for next week. I've had the most outrageous week hahaha and be outrageous I mean totally normal. If you were to ask if I MC-ed a show for a huge group of people with Prader Willie's Syndrome, danced on stage in front of hundreds, was in charge of a booth at Chick-Fil-A, and listened to Lady Gaga and other worldly musicians.... It would be affirmative. Is anyone surprised about the dancing though? Ill get back to that... First I'd like to tell you my favorite name from the past week: Shneiyanka (sh-nee-yonk-uh). Guess the race if you can.. Wednesday night hermana Allred and I were asked to go to Chick-Fil-A and have a lil table full of crafts about the family that lil kids could do. Apparently it's the week or month of the family? It was a grand ol time, but killed us cause we couldn't share the gospel with people unless they asked us first! But it ended up being great and we met the mayor of Ocoe and he's putting a thing in the paper for us? haha wooo. We also got a free meal and lemonade so I guess I can't complain. Tuesday we set apart a time to contact in a park before dinner with the Dominguez family. We rode our bikes to the park and EVERY person we talked to was prepared for us! One lady mentioned a time she visited BYU with a friend and loved the spirit there and how genuine the people were. We told her that its a church owned school and also got to talk to her lots about how our message blesses families and such. Long discussion. She asked if she could come to church! She was amazing and so ready to receive the gospel! It was a cool experience. Ok so we (60 missionaries) volunteered at a Prader Willie's convention at a Hotel near disney for 2 days. Friday we were there from 7:30 am to 5 pm and of course Hermana Allred and I were the first to step up for the dance class. So for the whole day we memorized every person's name with gestures and then taught them a lil dance to Philip Philip's "Home".. It was a grand ol time but secretly we took one for the team cause we felt so worldly! We were EXHAUSTED by the end of the day cause it took so much energy. That night we had dinner with the Sandoval family (less actives in the ward) and she took us to her favorite mexican restaurant. We put this saucy guac on all 3 of our tacos thinking it would be wonderful and it turns out that it was probably one of the spiciest things I've ever had!!! Hermana Allred was crying and I was frantically eating cucumbers hahaha. Then Sister Sandoval tried a nice dollup (?) of it on her taco and laughed.. She told us sorry cause it was even spicy for her! The next day we had some more dancing all day and went over a flashlight song with them to Jason Mraz's "I won't give up". At the end of a day was a big banquet with all the parents (literally hundreds of people) and all the missionaries came in with the kids and did our dance.... Hermana Allred and I were asked to do the dance up on stage so they could watch us hahaha. Oh bless our hearts, it was too good. Oh and the day before, the missionaries were asked to entertain for an hour. Somehow, once again, Hermana Allred and I were handed the microphone and took charge of the show. It was an awesome experience and we really loved all the people there! One kid gave Hermana Allred and me a card that said think you and had pictures he had drawn haha. We were all stars. Youll have to check the blog for some pictures. And finally... Wednesday night after a really spiritual and amazing lesson with the Acosta family (Ill have to tell you next week!) we encountered our friend Ronny Roach in the bathroom. This time we toughened up and took the matter to the next leve. I grabbed the hairspray, Hermana Allred grabbed the bulky shoes some elder left in the apartment and we executed. Pretty impressive, eh? K I gotta run... Time is short. Love you all so much and so happy to hear you're doing well!!! Have an impecable(?) week :)

LOVE, Hermana Jackson

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