Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Hey fam, what up?! wow, so what a WEEEEEEK! Im not even sure I can handle how amazing this all is. I really wish I could tell you every little detail, but ill do my best in the short time I have.. To answer questions about my welfare: I am safe, Im healthy as an ox (taking multivitamin pills and drinking tons of water and gatorade), my apartment complex thing is great- we will expand on that later.., we dont do much cooking- we have dinner almost every night and sometimes lunches as well, with member. DAD.. we dont have maids here like you did in Colombia hahaha I kinda wish, but its great to feel so independant. My companion continues to amaze me with her spirit and zest for life. She has the mosxt beautiful testimony and desire to obey. She could easily be my twin.. no joke. I know I already said that, but I sincerely think so. The weather is pretty nice. Its gotten a lil colder in the last lil bit. At night when we're out we get a lil chilly. It rained for the first time the other day (while on bike) and I loved it! I got a bike helmet at zone conference this week (so Im borrowing it). Oh and can I tell you real quick how in love with the clouds I am?! Theyre so puffy and huge and we have the most stunning sunrises and sunsets. K.. Zone conference was tuesday and was the best!!! Elder Walker from the 70 came and was way down to earth, funny and gave us a good time- while uplifting and teaching tons,, of course. Im in love with sister Berry, shes adorable. And kinda reminds me of my cute Mommy :) maybe cause she has lots of energy, such a capacity to love and just is in your same position Mama. Its a huge compliment, I promise. Youd love her as well. President Berry shows so much love for us and a desire for us to be successful. He's always asking how we are doing and about our investigators and such. Wednesday we had temple service and got to plant flowers all over!!! I felt like I was home again on a good ol' gardening day. The flowers were stunning as well. Also, it was miss Bee's birthday!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BUMBLEBEE! Ive been wearing my bee necklace all week. Give her lots of lovins from auntie Megs!! She looks so big. I cant believe she's taking steps! what the. Halloween was a pretty normal day, but hermana Allred and I bought punkins on Monday and carved them. We only had about 15 minutes, but it brought the "noche de brujas" spirit. We started riding bikes this week!!!! Its a love/hate relationship... Its nice to get places quickly but be able to contact everyone you see. Its a struggle in a skirt, as you can imagine... thanks to chels for getting me biking spandex things! Also, its like riding a horse every day.. If you know what Im sayin (im sure Mama gets it). Thursday Hermana Allred was throwing up and not feeling well so we were buckled down in the pinch, but it was actually a good time for me to study all day! That night I felt so good about my spanish and was just fired up and ready to go! Thursday night we had to run home (pretty far) to make it on time for curfew, but we made it in time and it was the funniest experience. We believe we've already received blessings from it. Friday night on our bikes, we stopped to visit a less active family- the Sandovals (we visited them last week as well) and Im seriously in love with them!! They're the sweetest lil family. Lil Hannah is 2 and loves to try and play with me and hug me and gave me a kiss on the cheek. Shes my lil pal. But we were there a few minutes late so we had to bike our guts out to get back home on time (keep in mind we have to carry our bikes up 2 flights of stairs hahaha). Oh, Wednesday night we were asked to come and give a lesson about missionary work to the young women. It was so much fun and I believe it helped me gain a greater testimony of my call and why I'm out here. The girls were really excited and we invited them to share their testimonies with friends and invite them to church. Two of them got their friends to church this week and 2 others will have them there next week. Sunday we had an investigator at church!!! Her name is Jessica. Shes had tons of lessons from elders before us but has a hard time with commitments. She and her aunt got a ride from our members (the Millans) to come to all three hours of church! They loved it and we saw them today. They both want to be baptized and are praying about a date for next time we see them! We're really excited about them. Both seem ready and excited. Also, I now know why the boys always say sundays are the longest days hahaha. I was SO drained yesterday after a meeting before church with the ward mission leader and all auxilliarys, then 3 hours of church and worrying about the testimonies of members with our investigators there (also trying to understand as much spanish as i can), and then having lots of lessons later. Its great though. I love this struggle with all my heart!!! Oh, real quick... We had a lil friend join us last night.. A HUGE COCKROACH! aksjfhlksadfhsealfh. yuck. He was about 2 in. long and the longest, yuckiest antennas ever. We named him ronny the roach. And we successfully duct taped the vent from whence it came. Good thing we're so tough. I had the most frightening dreams last night so I may need a teeny nap today. K gotta run.l I love you all and pray for you to be safe and happy!! Thanks for all your emails and your prayers! have the best week :)

LOVE< Hermanita Jackson

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