Sunday, October 20, 2013

T-minus 14 hours!! It's GO TIME!

Hola mis padres!! Que tal? So Im emailing to tell you that my flight leaves here at 9:10. Ill be calling sometime before then if I can figure out how. Or if I struggle too much, maybe Ill wait till I get to Dallas around 11:45 (if Ive got time after customs). I tried to print off my boarding pass today and for some reason it didnt work, but I was assured that it wouldnt be a problem and that id just have to check in at the aiport. Pray.
So these last few days have been interesting. Its interesting to think Ive already been here for 6 weeks and that I really am going to Orlando! TOMORROW! I never thought the day would actually come.. Im slightly nervous, but so excited to get pushed into whatever is ahead! Im excited to see Presidente Berry and Hermana Berry again! I feel like I met them so long ago haha the other day I was wondering if they would even remember me. Theyre very sweet though and I know theyll welcome me with lots of love. Friday wae had in-field all day and they just had lots of meetings with really awesome things to learn. Ive heard for weeks how aweful it is, but I honestly loved it haha. I wondered if they had the same classes as I did.. Yesterday we did our packing during gym time (against my will) and guess how much my bags weighed (minus hairspray and a couple outfits and my pillow)!! 23 lbs. and 36 lbs. Whos good? haha. It finally rained again and Hermana Fisi and I were really excited about it and decided that Florida is calling our names :) Last night we had our last classes with Hermana Child... She expressed her love for us and how much weve grown and helped her through our teaching in the past 6 weeks. It was actually a really sweet moment. We asked her to share stories about who her investigators were that we taught (usually they are people from the teachers missions or someone they know struggling so they can understand how they can help). She cried and told us that she was herself. She had so many questions and through all our lessons, she was able to receive answers and peace. Then she took me into another room and talked to me one on one. It was SO nice to express my expectations for the mission, how I can continue to progress, get advice and express fears as well. she told me she could see a 180 degree difference from my first lesson to the one right after General Conference. Shes one of the sweetest people I know and so in tune with the spirit. She has probably one of the biggest hearts I know and Im so grateful for all the incredible lessons shes taught me. Today we are kinda running around with our heads cut off trying to get some things done that had to be done today haha. OHHHH! So I got to district meeting and had a PACKAGE!!!!!! Along with Elder Hansens two haha. So apparently Grammy and Grandpa Bob sent a lil package with their friends coming down here and today when they went to church, my counselor in the presidency happened to be there and thought the Hermana Jackson on the box could be me. He figured out that it was me and brought mine and elder hansens package to sacrament!!! How lucky is it that I got it the DAY before I leave?! Im stoked. I know its got some baked yummies from home cause there are oil splotches on the side and crumbs stuck in the tape on the box haha wooo! count on Grammy to somehow get me some goodies. Im so so excited to open it tonight and share all the goods with my comp and 2 roommates. Alrighty, I think thats all Ive got to share, but I love you so much and hope it works out for us to talk ON THE PHONE tomorrow! :) Also, Im about to send some pictures since I didnt on Thursday. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday.
love, Hermana Jackson

Package from Grammy!

Someone got this of our class

Hermano Florez

Class with Presidency

Roomies ... not excited to say farewell.

Name that band

Hermanas Denis, Maxfield and Moss (Hermana Maxfield I know from BYU!)

Hermanas Behan and Hawkins. We became really good friends and they left last week. 
Hermana Josse (from Celtic Storm)

latina friends ..

Nice lil selfie of the district ..
 .. and a portrait as well. With 2 Zone leaders.

Last day at the Temple!

The other two sisters in our Zone. We love them, they're so sweet!

Our Latina friends ...

For CHELS - I really enjoyed the mustard!

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