Thursday, October 10, 2013


Hermana Fisi caught me takin a lil nap during Tall... I promise I try to stay awake! 
Hermana Hoj (from Helaman) left this week! love her. 

I spy with my lil eye... (twizzlers, milk duds and reeses) 
Florida hermanitas! 
 Psych, I dont need to be home to have a Magnum bar!
The zone sisters we loved so much!! 
Hermana Howton, my fellow Chipman chick left this week! 

This is the track I run on.. and thats how I run haha. 

I hear Shannon Earnshaw sent a picture of us to her mama or somethin, I thought id do the same. Fun to be here together! And in the same casa. (which doesnt mean much cause we are never in the casa..)

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