Thursday, October 17, 2013

Nos Vemos Mexico City...

Hello hello my loved ones!!! Wow, so is this real?! Im pretty sure I havent been here for 6 weeks yet, haha. Kinda crazy how fast time flies here... I know I say it all the time, but I just dont understand how it works haha! If youre wondering how I feel, Imma be straight up and tell yuh Im slightly nervous. Things are about to get really real. BUT Im ready. Im ready for the adventure ahead! Im ready to find the people waiting for me and to open my mouth and speak the broken spanish Ive acquired here. Im also having a hard time with leaving this beautiful, perfect place.. Ive fallen in love with our little world down here in Mexico City and all the things its had to offer! Especially the people. Luckily our district is mostly the Orlando crew, but 3 of the elders are going to Oregon and Pennsylvenia. Weve become a lil family by now, so thatll be weird to disperse. K enough of the sentimental stuff haha. So I left my notes of what to write this week, so ill do my best to update you. Sunday was UNREAL! Our district had been planning for a couple weeks to do a special number at the devotional that night. We chose "Mas Cerca Dios De Ti" and ended up adding the two hermanas going to florida with us (turns out my lil suprano voice cant keep up with all the other Elders alto voices and Hermana Fisis tenor) and two more hermanas that just got here this week. We got asked the day before to sing as a district in sacrament meeting as well cause we are leaving. So we sang Love at Home and Hermana Fisi and I carried the "dude" part and the elders carried the "chica" part. It turned out great. We then had a class with Presidente Pratt in the autitorium with all of the missionaries here. I was asked to say the closing prayer (Mind you, in espanol) and Hermana Fisi lead the music. It was pretty scary with Presidente Pratt literally breathing right on me haha, but it was a great experience. Then in the devotional we sang our beautiful number (I got a video so ill try and send it.. Dont post it or anything mama). What a day right? People probably had enough of Hermana Jackson haha. Monday Hermana Fisi and I taught Flor for the very last time.. This is so embarrassing, but I totally cried at the end. She was also Our very first investigator (Tainara) and I thought of how much Ive grown since then and how much she (Hermana Child) has taught me. I had really grown to love Flor and thought of having to leave people I love in el campo. Thatll be rough. We taught Julio for the last time on Tuesday as well. He wasnt as hard to say goodbye to, although I really love Hermano Florez haha, hes way funny. He tries to say stuff in english all the time and one day he goes, "fo sho" hahaha just imagine it with the spanish accent.. what a gangsta. Hermano Rodriguez is no longer our teacher as of last week cause a new district came. But hes still across the hall and always comes in to talk to us and such, so its all good. OH! Kim Josse (Remember, from Celtic Storm?) got here last night!! We were freaking out a bit haha. Shes headed to the Morristown NJ mission! Today was our last time to the Mexico City temple... Its such a beautiful day. Hermana Fisi and I both were saying after that we could totally follow what was being said during the session! That felt pretty good. Dont worry, I still know Im not that good at spanish haha and I  think Ill really come to find out how much I dont know next week :) haha! Bring it on. Mama, I loved your part about bearing testimony about tithing! Its so true that the simplest words can be filled in the the Holy Ghost and can be the most powerful! Ive really come to know that. Im so proud of your attitude of learning spanish and so excited to speak to you one day!! Gimme a year and a half though.. Dad, I would love more pictures! FROM ALL OF YOU!! please send pictures, I love em. Also I think we leave here around 3am Monday morn and Ill either call before our 9 oclock flight or ill call in texas, but I might have some more time here in Mexico.. Itll probably be around 2 in Spain..? Looking forward to it! I can email you Sunday so lemme know. Also, whats the verdict on Daves knee? I hope the "homies" are doing well. Also, KEMP family!!! Where you at!? I havent heard a word or seen any pitchas, and I miss yall like crazy, so please please gimme a lil somethin. I understand youre busy, but Id love to hear from you! Chels, Ill have you know that for lunch on Tuesday there was lemon chicken and for dinner there was mustard and fries and stuff... I cant tell you how happy I was hahaha I ate mustard by the gallon (not really, but I ate enough that Im sure my sodium level is off the walls). Alrighty, sorry this email is slightly weak.. Once again, I forgot my notes in the casa. Ill send pictures at some point today when my district leader is done getting a hair cut and will let me use his SD thing(?) haha. Love yall way too much!!! Praying for you always.
Love, Hermanita Jackson

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