Monday, December 2, 2013

Adventure is Out There ...

HOLA! Thanks so much for all the wonderful emails fam! ALSO, Mamacita with the win with dearelder!!! I received a package with some yummy pumpkin bread and a lil email/letter in the mail!! I loved it, thanks mama! I'd love some pictures from everyone- in emails even. Ok here goes my week... Name of the week: Fenide (fe-need). 
Carlos and Norma: he's doing really well with quitting smoking. We only get to see him once a week and he didn't make it to church this week unfortunately. But he said last week that he invited a friend at work to come to church and he might be joining in on the lessons! Carlos is seriously the coolest person!! He has the sweetest heart and really wants to get baptized and married. We challenged him to get his divorce papers taken care of before we meet with him this week so lets hope he gets that done! 
Wednesday Hermana Allred and I just about died.. cause: comida. I miss being able to not eat when I don't want to and such. We had lunch at 2 with Hermana Cabrera from the ward and she fed us the largest bowl of soup with potatoes, meat, rice, etc. She then tells us she made "arroz con leche" for us... We gulped it down and headed to the Apontes for a short lesson. Mery sits us down and says, "I've got something for you from Venezuela, it's a cake they love at Thanksgiving"... I've never had a more dense piece of cake in my life. Then we head to the Hernandez home (less actives) and they feed us dinner- sopa con papas, arroz, y meatballs. I coulda blown up. We ate as much as we could to make it look like we came hungry and finally had to tell them we would like to take it home. Just when we think we're in the clear, she brings out a piece of meat for us to each try a piece. It was liver. I prolly coulda handled it a lil better if I hadn't already felt sick, but it was rough. Sister Allred had to go to the bathroom and throw up. I wanted to, haha, but couldn't. 
Thanksgiving was a wonderful day and a solid night at the Ordinola home (he's the second counselor)! They gave us a smorgasbord, but luckily they understood if we didn't eat every lil thing. She also made tamales especially for Hermana Allred y yo! We got to have dinner with the other two companionships in the ward as well- it was way fun! I love their family tons and it was so cool to be included in their holiday. 
Elaudio continues to amaze us as he prepares for his baptism this Sunday!! He's so ready. His wife still gives us a hard time about Jesus Christ and how he's just a normal person like we are.. it breaks my heart actually. My testimony of the Savior was strengthened tons this week when she went on a rant with our member present (Brother Lopez, the ward mission leader). She's still the sweetest lady to us and supports her husband. Elaudio has already read the Book of Mormon, but started again last week so that if our district leader asks him a hard question in the interview, he will know how to answer hahaha. We went over the questions with him already too. The way he gained a testimony of Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon is because he wrote a huge book a while ago and when he read the Book of Mormon, he said, "there's no way he wrote this without God". He's THE BEST! 
K I don't have much more to report but I'll quickly answer some questions and SEND PICTURES! yes, that's right. I got a card reader and I'm alive. Dad- my companion is down to work out every morning. We go to the gym and run and do sit ups and stuff. Despite her willingness to eat unhealthy treats all the time.. haha I've taken over the grocery list a lil bit so that we're only getting healthy things- fruit, vegetables, nuts, etc. There's really only so much we can control on what we eat though.. unfortunately. Also, believe it or not, it's getting slightly chilly here! nooo. But it's fine. I'll get a sweater or two at target. We ride bikes for about 2 days a week and whenever we are staying around here. We're having a grand old time together and already decorating and making plans for the Christmas season. Her family is THE BOMB and sent way cool Christmasy decorations and such for us haha. We just about had a heart attack on Saturday when the Zone Leaders called about transfers and tried to make us think we would be transferred. All is well though, we're together. K I love you all, I hope Thanksgiving was wonderful! I'm so so grateful for your thoughts and prayers! Have a great one!

Love, Hermana Jackson

Also, last night at a member's house they had a golden doodle. I laughed so hard and thought I could have been dreaming cause she did all the same things as Millhouse! Hope you're taking care of her at the house!

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