Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The tender mercies of the Lord are over all those whom He hath chosen

Note from Ruthanne - One week before Megan left on her mission, we received 45 new missionaries (on the same day) into our mission. One of those missionaries was Elder Hendricks, whose parents had been students in Scott’s BYU singles ward when he was Bishop on campus. They had written to say how excited they were that their son was coming to our mission. It made us feel old!
After welcoming in this massive new group, over the course of several days, I sent emails to their parents, telling them that we had welcomed them to the mission, what their new assignments were, and who their companions were. 
I was feeling quite emotional and sad at sending Megan off, and missing not only her farewell, but saying goodbye to her at the airport, because we were on a flight to the Mission President Seminar at the time she was at the airport in Salt Lake. 
On Sept. 11, the day after Megan left on her mission, we received this email from Sister Hendricks, who was our student at the BYU ward:

Sister Jackson...what a small world it is! You are never going to believe this. My parents, Elder and Sister Jones, are currently serving a mission assisting at the Mexico City MTC. My mom has fallen in love with a sister by the name of Hermana Jackson. :) They just made the connection today. My parents said that she is doing great and they love her so much. These pics are of Hermana Jackson and her companion Hermana Fisi. I know how much I love pictures of my missionary, I thought you might enjoy some of yours. Thank you for all you do!

Jenefer Hendricks

I cannot tell you what a sweet tender mercy this was for me. It spoke to me personally that God knew my mother heart, and sent a little message to us to calm and cheer us. Truly, He is in the details.

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