Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Hola, Hermanita!

Received this first note from Megan, after she arrived at the MTC in Mexico City. Her Mom had sent her the above Instagram post from her brother Matt:

HOLA MAMA!! Thanks for the picture haha, I love it! I just arrived at the MTC and could be mistaken for a kid on Christmas day, I'm that excited! It's beautiful here and I should be taking more pictures- I'll get some to you pronto. Traveling went well, I was just starving cause we didnt have time to stop and eat in Phoenix and I didnt really get breakfast.. I'm fine though, we have dinner pretty soon. The group I've been traveling with is awesome! There are 3 other sisters and I seriously love them- none of them going to my mission, but I'll meet those sisters soon I'm assuming. I love you guys so much and miss you, but dont even worry about me! im havin a grand old time already. K I'll email you whenever I get to do that again :) Have a great week!
mucho amor, Hermana Jackson (mhmm, I've got ma tag on!)

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