Thursday, September 26, 2013

Code: How has another week come and gone?

Hey Jackson Crew! Sounds like yall are doing swell (wherever you may be haha). I was thinking about it last night- we are all over the place. Imma try and write a letter to each place today, but we shall see cause I gotta do some laundry and for sure take a lil nap haha. I love staying so busy and working so hard, but it really is tiring. We do a thing called TALL at the computers- this week was our first week cause its been broken since we got here- and it is so hard to sit staring at a computer for an hour working on spanish vocab!! Hermana Fisi and i are constantly doin the head-nod and goin cross-eyed haha! Ok so last Wednesday night was our third lesson with Tainara. It wasnt the greatest lesson. We talked after about what we did well and how we could do better and I found myself feeling so inadequate (its pretty easy to feel that way sometimes, but I know The Lord will fit the task to my capabilities) so we knelt together and i think i said the most sincere prayer Ive ever given. The next day we get to breakfast and I whisper to Hermana Fisi that Im fasting and she looks at me with a smile and says, "I am too". I thought that was really cool that we both decided on our own, on the same day, that we would fast. That night was our last lesson with Tainara. It was AMAZING! We taught about the Holy Ghost (I cant remember what else..) but the spirit was SO powerful in the room. We meshed and were able to teach effectively and I didnt feel like I was thinking about spanish, it kinda just came. We also got to have a "member" (teacher) in on the lesson with us and it made all the difference. I invited her to be baptized and she said yes! we set a date, but of course shes actaully a teacher too haha. Shes now teaching us at night andwe really love her! When she talks about her mission and the experiences that we will be having and the people waiting for us, its so uplifting. She also ONLY speaks spanish to us and its helping our district progress. Shes from Utah. She served in Chile and her name is hermana Child. We love her! hermano Florez and hermano Rodriguez are still teaching us, but now theyre the investigators as well. Hermana Fisi and I are teaching hermano Florez (Julio) and hes pretty hard on us haha. I come out of every lesson with tingly cheeks and a lil perspiration. Its slightly overwhelming to have two lessons some days and TRC as well (where we teach real investigators, members or "old" missionaries) but obviously I need to get used to it and its becoming easier to do lessons on the spot. The language is comin along. Definitely still room for improvement, but Im staying optimistic about it haha. Its unreal how much we learn and grow in a week!! HA, oh wait, I have to tell you about Sunday! You know how I said the bishopric calls 6 people from our branch every Sunday to speak?.. This week was my week. Luckily I had a lil outline covered- the topic was repentance- and I thought I did fairly well. I got compliments from some of the others in the other districts but then my district straight up told me I was bringht red and they couldnt really focus on what I was saying cause it was so funny.... pff haha. Whatever, it was a good experience. The hermanas in the district across the hall from us are so cool! There are 4 of them and we will be super sad to see them go cause whenever they see us they give us hugs and make us feel loved. They give great advice as well. My friend Hermana Maxfield got here two weeks ago and knows Cole. She spotted me in the lunch room, came over, told me to stand up and gave me a big hug.Elder Hansen told her to give it to me since he cant haha. It was funny. Its way fun to see him around! He looks so happy and seems to be enjoying it here. K so you know how I said it rains every day here? the last week has had tons of sunshine!!! I love it so much. Hermana Fisi and I had additional study outside on the benches the other day with the sun beating down on us. I almost felt like I was on the back patio :) Not quite without Millhouse.BUT. Two days ago during gym time it started pooouring! Hermana Fisi and I danced in the rain and just got drenched (we got pictures, Ill send them later today when Ihave my district leaders card thing). After we changed back into our missionary attire, we went outside and the streets we basically rivers!!! The campus was basically one big puddle. Ive been secretly waiting for the day that happened cause Hermana Jones told me about it the first day. We took our shoes off and had a blast while going to daily planning. Next on my list is an earthquake haha I so badly wanna run to a green "dot" in the street for some reason. Sundays are the best days ever here (besides Tuesdays cause we get costco pizza and a devotional). Relief Society with Hermana Pratt is always so uplifting and nice to hear a whole talk in english. Devotional this week was hilarious. Presidente Pratt had a slideshow and was talking about the priesthood.. This is bad to say but it was pretty boring. I looked over and literally the whole middle row of elders across from us was asleep!  So he made us stand up and do head, shoulders, knees, and toes haha. Later though, we watched a devotional from the Provo MTC with Elder Scott. It was inspiring and strengthening! It really helps pump me up and and reboot my sel-esteem. Then we watched a video about John Tanner.. WOAH. It hit so hard how much I need to be giving to the Lord! He literally gave everything he had. Then we watched a lil one about Christ. That one made me tear up. A year and a half isnt enough for me to give. But what an honor to Represent my Savorior Jesus Christ! I owe him and the people I will be teaching my whole heart. That night we sang hymns with another district. I love how much we sing here. I basically have "llamados a servir" memorized by now cause we sing it all the time haha. Music brings an incredible spirit. Alrighty, thats it on my notes of the week, but I love yall so much and Im so grateful for your love and prayers! I truly feel them. I pray for you all day and hope youre all safe and well! Mama and Papa, Im so happy you have a stake in the Canaries!!! how cool is that!? The story about the peoples reaction to a patriarch is really sweet. One last thing, I miss my bumblebee!! Please send more pictures slash videos if possible! And please please show her pictures of auntie Megs! And give Mills a nice long pet for me haha. I miss that pathetic pup. Until next Thursday!
Con Mucho Amor,
Hermana Jackson
P.S Ill be back at 1- in about 2 hours to send some pictures.

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