Monday, March 2, 2015

Lots and lots of pictures

I met Si from Duck dynasty.. just kidding, but You'd think it was him! 

an exchange with another Danish friend!!! 
not sure if I ever sent these.. 

another exchange when we bike the only hills in florida (they're pretty huge) and got stuck in a big rain storm. I swear I don't laugh more than when I'm in rainstorms on the bike. A member had given us a king cake cause it was mardi gras and here I am riding down the sidewalk, can barely see because of the rain and I have one hand holding the cake box down in the basket hahahaaa wow, it was hilarious. 
exchangies were chilly the other day! 
not much of a sight, just something simple about this place that I love- we have the foggiest mornings! 
woaaah! Remember this crew? 
The sumterville district
WHATS UP! These two Provo chikas are now STLS!!!! 
look at these lovely companions of mine!!! and Sister Sillivan haha she counts 

we was matchin. 
This is Greg. We serve ice cream at steeple chase every week and he's always a hoot. 
The latest thought. Keeps me goin :)

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