Monday, February 9, 2015

only have 4 minutes left ..... GAAA, Next week, I promise.

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! Happy birthday to Matty moo last week! Hope it was bomb. 

Jimmy has a renued excitement and a DATE for Feb. 28th and made it to church this week! He's gonna be in the ward talent show and pretty exctied haha.
Josh is doing wonderfully and his member mom and aunt and non member aunt joined in for Plan of salvation overview with emphasis on temples!! They're coming on a temple tour this week!! Non memebr loved the lesson and is excited!
Herb received a belssing last night before huge sugery Wednesday and I will NEVER forget his face at the end.... My heart it full. He looked like he would cry and had stopped moving during the blessing. he said, "I accept this calling from God" and bore testimony of the power of the priesthood.
maureen is reading the book of mormon (memberlended one with bigger print) and is praying about Mar. 7.
Hasta la proxima semana!
Les AMO!!!!
xoxo hermanita Jackson

to her Mom - 
Mama, I love hearing from you :) thanks for being so supportive and loving! I feel like I say that all the time, but it's TRUE! i actually read this week in Luke where it says, "remember Lot's wife" and didn't think much of it. The part right after is what I wasn't understanding so I went to the student manual (blessings of the ipad and gospel library app!!!). It didn't have anything on that part I was looking for but I read the part about Lot's wife anyway. I read a quote by Elder Holland and in essence he said, "don't be so attatched to the past that you hinder your confidence in the future". It stuck with me that morning and when I shared it (I was on exchanges haha with the cutie newer sister Bronson again!) I realized that I've been kind of hestitant about going forward. I guess just trying so bad to hold onto this time and not looking forward faithfully that the Lord has BETTER stuff ahead! That's been such a comfort to me. I'm excited to apply the things I've learned here, i really am! The Lord sure loves me to give me this mission!!! I can definitely see how it will bless the rest of my life. 
Thanks for a package! Sister Spencer called the other day trying to get it to me asap haha she's the cutest! I haven't gotten it, but I'm excited for when I do :) Loves you oodles Mama and hope you know how proud I am of YOU!!!! Nice work for giving 2 talks in conference! 5 minutes each! That's amazing! I'm scared my spanish is pretty lacking, but we're trying to get 30 minutes in a day. I'mma move onto the big letter, but thanks, thanks, thanks and loves, loves, loves!
xoxo Hermanita Jackson

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