Monday, February 16, 2015

HaPpY VaLenTiNeS DaY!

Hey y'all! I first have to give a round of applause to Scoz and Chels for starting Bee money on da mountain so quickly!! YEEESSS. She looks pretty good too.

Lots to report this week and little time to type it all.. The Burmese family came to a baptism not too long ago and loved it! So cool. We no longer have a set of sisters which is a bummer- we loved those sisters! We now have a new district as well out in who-knows-where haha it's an awesome district though! Josh was baptized and confirmed this weekend!!! Kade (the 7 year old) gave the opening prayer and it was the sweetest thing ever! Josh gave huge hugs to the men in his confirmation circle and I could have died hahaha my heart feels so full for him. He called us right after church and we missed it but when we called back he said, "I don't need you anymore, I was going to ask you to explain the gift of the Holy Ghost to my dad but I already did." Then last night he texted us and said he wants his girlfriend to be taught and baptized when she's ready! #tastingthefruit. 

Jimmy is doing really well, I appreciate all the prayers for him! Haha side note: I've had 2 oldies (above age 80) graze my chin with their pointer finger in the past week and tell me they'd marry me. Good ol Belleview😊. We had the most AMAZING night Wednesday when a member and his non-member wife, Alma, the Barreto Fam (non member dad and aunt and member mom and aunt) and another member accompanied us to a temple tour in Orlando!! It was so incredible and thanks to the help of Brother Geisler (best WML ever) it all worked out perfectly. On the way home Alma was asking way good questions and it was an amazing lesson in the car! The non-member wife to the member was participating well and intrigued as well. 

Thursday night we went to a Lutheran church where we got to present The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and answer questions. I sent  pictures. It was unreal. They prolly felt like they were drinking from a fire hose, but it was prolly the best taste they've ever had! Haha things like priesthood, the role of women, church organization, missionary work, etc were addressed by the bishop, stake pres, etc. super cool. 

Maureen is sick, but because of Sister Denise Brown's unreal testimony, she wanted to come to church really bad! She couldn't this week due to being sick, but hopefully next week! Herbs surgery went well and he sounds tons better. Another surgery will have to be done in March. Gotta run, sorry this isn't the best email .. Next week I'm emailing Tuesday cause it's mission conference!!! With elder ZWICK :)

💌Hermanita Jackson

Baptism of Josh - photos sent by his aunt

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